Gnade Insurance Group, Inc. & Evertree Insurance join forces to revolutionize the insurance industry!

We are thrilled to announce that on December 9th, Gnade Insurance Group began an exciting new partnership and is now an Evertree Insurance Company.

Gnade is becoming Evertree! 

Evertree is a technology-enabled personal lines insurance platform that will help Gnade continue to focus on developing long-lasting relationships with our clients, with the added benefit of a focus on new technology, tools, and social impact.

Gary Gnade, founder of Gnade Insurance added, “Our decision to partner with Evertree was driven by their strong cultural fit and the tools they bring to the table. We did not even consider going to another firm – it just felt right. We now have a very clear plan for how we will thrive for the next 30 years.”

Evertree Insurance Company shares the same values as us. In time, partnering with them will allow us to offer more products, services, and adaptability. This partnership with Evertree Insurance Company will give us the tools to make our sales and customer service experience better and more in tune with today’s ever-changing world.

We appreciate the opportunity you have given us to help you with your insurance needs and look forward to many more years of servicing those needs. 

What does this mean for you?

As we continue to grow, our focus has always been to deliver the very best resources and services to our customers, and so we set out to find a partner that would ensure we continued to deliver and exceed that goal. We truly believe this opportunity presents a multitude of benefits that will enhance your overall experience. 

Check out our list of FAQs below to learn more. 

Who Is Evertree?  

  • Evertree is an industry-leading brokerage with a team of insurance experts and innovative thinkers all over the country who are determined to improve the way insurance is sold and serviced while creating jobs and positively impacting the communities they serve. 

Will the name/brand change? 

  • We are in the process of changing Gnade’s name and brand to Evertree Insurance! The official details of the full rebrand of the company will continue to be communicated to our clients and partners.

What changes can I expect to see? 

  • We are rebranding and becoming Evertree, so you may notice our email addresses, email signatures and more have begun to transition over to Evertree Insurance. This is an ongoing process to completely transition our name fully to Evertree Insurance. Please note if you are still emailing our old Gnade addresses, we will still receive your messages as their being forwarded to our new emails. 

Will my account, policy, or rates be impacted by this? 

  • Friendly reminder that your account and insurance carrier that holds your policy are still the same. You will notice Gnade Insurance changed to Evertree Insurance on your documentation. Additional resources may be offered to our clients as we fully transition to Evertree. 

Will I still work with the team members associated with my account? 

  • Yes! Although we are combining forces with Evertree, and the brokerage name will eventually change from Gnade Insurance to Evertree, the folks you’ve been working with will still be here for you. 

What will future communication/service be like? 

  • You’ll continue to receive the excellent service you’ve always enjoyed, now enhanced by the recognition of a nationally renowned agency while preserving the one-on-one personal experience. 

What are the advantages to me, the client? 

  • This change brings many advantages to you, including more carrier partners, additional product offerings, and moving towards the ability to obtain insurance in all 50 states. You will also notice better technology and phone systems to improve your experience every time you interact with us. 
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