How Life Insurance Can Help Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time again. Trying to figure out what your New Year’s resolutions will be. You know the classics: Losing weight, being healthier, saving money, being a better person. These are classics for reason. But did you know Life Insurance can help you achieve these New Year’s resolutions? Read the five ways below to find out how!

1. Bettering Yourself

Life insurance helps protect your family by helping secure their financial future, making sure they can keep the house, pay for college tuition, continue to live the lifestyle they are used to. There’s no “what if” when it comes to paying for a mortgage once you’re gone and no wondering how your spouse will retire without your income to contribute. It also helps protect your family against inheriting your debt. Debt such as student loans, credit card debt, and auto loan payments can all be handled with a life insurance death benefit. Setting your family up for success in the future, not a bad way to become a better person, right?

2. Getting Healthier

Not only will these resolutions allow you to look and feel better, they’ll also make your life insurance more affordable. Your monthly premiums are tied strongly to your health when you apply. During the underwriting process, a life insurance carrier will classify you based on how risky you are to insure. A habit of smoking can also raise your rates. Again, this is because smoking is linked to problems that make you more likely to die over the term of your life insurance policy, so you’re a riskier prospect for carriers. Current smokers can look to pay up to triple the cost in terms of their monthly premiums. Staying tobacco-free for a year can get you back down to more affordable non-smoking rates. Healthier living and life insurance go hand in hand.

3. Financially Secure

Financially-related resolutions are common, and you better believe that life insurance plays a role. It’s a good foundation for better money habits as a whole, and life insurance can be part of that foundation, too.  The best way to calculate your life insurance need is to think about all of the expenses, debts, and financial plans you have. You need to know how much coverage will ensure that all of your financial obligations are taken care of for your family. This might mean scrutinizing your credit card debt more closely, finally looking into savings plans for college, or seriously tackling your student loans. By thinking about life insurance, you’re thinking about every aspect of your financial plan and you’ve just supercharged your financial resolution.

4. More Family Time

We always want to spend time with the ones we love and those we care about and that’s why it makes a great resolution! When we focus on increasing and spending time with our families, it’s easy to remember how much you all care for each other. So how does life insurance play into this resolution? Well it’s all about the love and support you find during that time. It’s truly selfless to think and plan what will happen to your family if you’re not there to be with them. Life insurance allows you to design the security for your loved ones. While increasing time with your family shows how much you care about them here and now, a life insurance policy shows them you how much you care in the future. The goal is focusing on your family!

5. Enjoy Life

One of the best ways to enjoy life this year is reducing the stress in your life. Life insurance offers exactly that! No one knows that the future will hold. So here’s no point in worrying about every little thing that can go wrong. As they say, the best we can do is plan for the worst and hope for the best. Buying life insurance takes the stress of an unknown financial future off your shoulders. That way you can focus on what really matters: enjoying life in the present and making other plans for the future. Don’t worry about “what if!?” when there’s an easy solution like life insurance.

New Year’s resolutions are a way to start fresh and achieve new goals. Even if we don’t reach all of them, it’s worth putting in the effort to see how we can better ourselves.  Life insurance for New Year’s resolutions isn’t just a good goal for you, it’s a good goal for your family and their future too. You can get more information on Life Insurance on our website.
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