Partnering with Patrick M. Zugg Insurance

Gnade Insurance Group has acquired Patrick M. Zugg Insurance and will continue to partner with them to bring the best service to Momence, Illinois. The agency will continue to function as themselves, just with support from Gnade Insurance Group to help give the state of Illinois the best coverages to offer.

Patrick M. Zugg Insurance is located in Momence, their goal is the make the process of finding the best coverage simple. Their friendly team of advisors is here to help you save time, aggravation, and money.

The History

The insurance agency’s roots go back to 1887, when W.D Lane opened an insurance agency in Momence. In 1967 Ray Schenk purchased the business from Mary Tatge and owned the business until his death in 1976. His wife, Annabelle, then took over the establishment until October, 1985, when Bill Gilbert purchased the business.

In 1993, Bill sold the firm to his son Jon Gilbert and son-in-law Patrick, who then renamed the corporation, Gilbert & Zugg Insurance Agency. The union lasted until August 2003, when Jon decided to change careers and Patrick bought Jon’s portion of the business. Patrick then changed the name to Patrick M. Zugg Insurance Agency.

Unfortunately, in September 2019 Patrick passed away. Patrick’s daughter, Amanda Zugg-Schnepf who started working in the office after high school, took over the business and is the current president of agency. Penny Anderson, who has been with the agency for 30 years, is the customer service representative.

Amanda Zugg-Schnepf, President of Zugg Insurance
Amanda Zugg-Schnepf, President of Patrick M. Zugg Insurance
Penny Anderson, CSR for Zugg Insurance
Penny Anderson, Customer Service Representative of Patrick M. Zugg Insurance

Zugg Insurance offers all the types of coverage you would need for any aspect of your life. Don’t see something you need? Just ask them about it, they will find the best solution the fits your needs.

Automobile • Homeowners • Business • Life • Health • Long Term Care • Disability • Medicare
• Umbrella • Cyber • Renters • Rental Properties • Workers Comp • Liability • Motorcycle
• Watercraft • Flood • Farm • Condo • Pet • Fine Art • Jewelry • Recreational Vehicles
• Collectibles

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