Workers' Compensation and Employers Liability:

Most states require employers to maintain a Workers' Compensation policy to cover any on the job injury to an employee. Make sure that you and your employees are covered by a Workers' Compensation plan put together by Gande Insurance Group.

There are generally two parts to the policy.

Workers' Compensation: Benefits employees that have been injured or contract a disease during the course of their employment. These benefits included medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages and death benefits.
Employers Liability: Protecs an employer against a claim not covered by workers compensation including negligence by the employer.

You will need workers compensation coverage if you have employees, and sometimes even if you don’t. Each state has their own laws governing workers compensation and the limits for lost income, medical and rehabilitation benefits. Workers compensation claims can be very costly and without proper coverage can be very detrimental to a business.

Workers' Comp premiums are based on payrolls with essentially unlimited limits. Minimum limits for employers liability are $100,000 for each accident, $100,000 for each employee with a $500,000 policy limit. These limits are generally higher if you have an umbrella policy or if required by your customers.

At Gnade Insurance Group we can use our experience combined with the resources of our companies to help your business maintain a safe working environment for your employees which can reduce premiums making you more competitive in your industry.

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