Cyber Liability Insurance

Most businesses today rely on computers and the internet for many parts of their day to day operations. Many companies have confidential customer information stored locally on their computers or an internet based program. Criminals know this and are always finding new exploits in software that we all use. Combine that with phishing emails and malware, the threat of a security breach is real even if you take precautions to prevent it.

Cyber Liability is one of the most often overlooked policies. 72% of claims were against businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Taking out a policy in cyber insurance is one of the best ways to protect you from all things computer breach related. Cyber security insurance is not something to take lightly. This is even more important if you work in a field that houses private information on your machines. Don't takes risks and open yourself up to lawsuits by a breach of privacy with your customers.

At Gnade Insurance Group we have access to many companies that offer Cyber Liability coverage. Contact our sales team today for a no obligation needs analysis. 815-277-8501 or sales@gnadeinsurance.com.

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